It ai Fei makeup pen factory has always been committed to and use of our products, and help us achieve our goals of the partners to maintain contact and interact closely.

    Overview of AI Fei makeup pen factory:


Established in 1996

Guangdong Guangzhou headquarters

Sales of 200000000

Market distribution of global more than 30 countries and regions

Beauty and cosmetic products

Under the brand name 3

The number of employees 300 people

Historical moment:

In 1996, the professional make-up pen factory was established

In 1997 won the " China famous brand product " certificate

In 1998 won the " international brand " the United States of America Edison gold quality products

The same year the local investment expansion of the new plant built and put into use, the main building by NPC Standing Committee Chairman John entitled: AI Fei Arts crafts emporium

In 1999 by the China Quality Association designated as many well-known enterprises in the CCTV broadcast image and propaganda.

2000 - 2005 into the " Ai Fei makeup pen " brand series advertising, for 5 consecutive years in the CCTV broadcast the important period of propaganda.

In 2006, the ten anniversary, at the same time in the Guangzhou Mountain Industrial Park Investment in the construction of new factory

In 2007 the new factory building is completed, the establishment of Guangdong Province, the professional make-up pen factory, covers an area of 50 mu, building named " Ai Fei Arts crafts emporium ".

2003-2006 year for three consecutive years in the Hongkong Beauty Salon Exhibition

2010-2011 again in Hongkong Beauty Beauty Exhibition

AI Fei, we walked more than 20 seasons, after all these years of fierce market competition, we are still based in Greater China, and steady development, gradually mature, decorate the beauty of people all over the world, enhance the elements of fashion, to spread elegant atmosphere, beautiful life.

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