Ai Fei cosmetic pencils Taobao goods trade fair has been favorable for network distributors

As of 2011 August, Taobao distribution platform providers have reached more than 79000, the number of distributors can reach more than 1300000, daily peak of more than 5400 yuan. Distribution of large time has come!

AI Fei makeup pen tricks, shining Guangzhou network

With the development of network trade fair constantly refresh transaction figures and all kinds of distribution industry constantly subdivision and deepening, the relatively large size of the distributors have brand and scale effect, at the same time, more characteristic and the rapid growth of small and medium-sized distributors also began to cut a striking figure. The net is handed in meeting exhibitors also see this point, will be small and medium distributor as a key development object. AI Fei makeup pen is one of our distributors Repeng gold merchants.

As the 2012 net goods trade fair of professional cosmetics suppliers, AI Fei makeup blockbuster debut network. Net is handed in hand to drive traffic to AI Fei makeup pen Taobao tmall Museum, on the other hand, Princess make-up pen with network platform to broaden the network of distribution channels, looking for agents and distributors, agglomeration online brand influence! Therefore, AI Fei makeup pen but this effort.

Guangzhou network, AI Fei makeup pen innovation six tricks, including AI Fei makeup pen the world's first water painting image film, AI Fei makeup art school new series first, AI Fei makeup pen star products of two-dimensional code seckill, AI Fei makeup pen color code girl fashion show, to embrace a group accounted for cheap, AI Fei makeup fortune coin free take, by the network of distributors repeng.

In the golden opportunity, AI Fei makeup brand by distributors Repeng

AI Fei makeup pen exciting activities to attract a large number of exhibitors, policy support AI Fei agents make-up pen also specifically for distributors to distributors are distributors purchase matching, Baotuan goods and other special activities and greater.

The first day of the show, AI Fei makeup pen will usher in a site pre signing of the good news. Waiting for Mr. Zhang Ai Fei makeup pen in hand and said: "I have been optimistic about the distribution network, itself also has been doing online sales, the Guangzhou network is to find a good brand, good product support policy. Select AI Fei makeup pens, one is because of its influence in the international; two is that AI Fei makeup brand is doing very good, high quality, propaganda in place, it makes me confident; three is optimistic about China's women online shopping development ability, AI Fei makeup pen market potential; fourth, is the most important is to our agents support policy is very good, so we do not have any menace from the "rear". "

In Taobao even show Fang AI Fei makeup pen event special, AI Fei makeup pen head AI Fei makeup pen future development strategy is also presented. Into the Taobao tmall mall is the first step of AI Fei makeup pen domestic electric business strategy in 2012, AI Fei professional make-up pen factory is expected to be put into tens of millions of dollars to run AI Fei makeup brand, deep makeup e-commerce market. Investment is expected to include several parts: industry exhibition promotion, 360 degrees of brand marketing, female perpendicular website advertising, Taobao platform for all kinds of hard wide input, the distributor of various types of support. AI Fei makeup pen responsible person said, every industry is like the stock market as a " price " trend, not only can not be unlimited expansion is unlikely to drop indefinitely, cosmetics business market is rising curve at the beginning, the firm confidence will have a big harvest.

For the network of distributors, AI Fei makeup pen to do detailed investigation work, honest business, including business operation of stunning, AI Fei makeup brand awareness and concept of identity and other aspects, expecting to find a real partner, and AI Fei makeup pen together on color makeup gold lane!

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