The core competitiveness of enterprises and commodity market pricing

Thoughts of management personnel job matching degree:

First, analysis of the management staff matching degree, starts from its individual character, advantages and disadvantages, work experience, psychology and other basic information. Personal character and the advantages and disadvantages is the direct factor to express their inner bias, is also the personal interest and potential of the embodiment of the will; and working experience and attitude for analysis, mainly for the reason of the management experience and the way to deal with the problem. These two points, is the very key to stability, work environment and occupation moral.

Second, analysis of the management of people

Job matching degree, inevitably to analyze its individual to fulfill the duties of the ability. Each position has " job description ", have stated duties, responsibilities, rights and qualifications, among them, responsibility is the basic requirements for the ability to perform the work, only to the ability of individuals to perform the duties of the analysis, in order to fundamentally determines whether it is qualified for the job, which is the ability of occupation.

Third, analysis of the management staff matching degree, also through the principle of continuous improvement. Each job must continue to improve, to the enterprise, can be sustainable development, to the individual, can continue to accumulate and progress, therefore, in the analysis of matching degree, must indicate the deficiencies or need to be improved and how to improve the work of guiding the landlord, and tell each other, methods like this, is the ultimate purpose of the job matching degree.

Therefore, analysis of matching degree, is on the staff of enterprise evaluation, appointment, training and development direction, mobilize, raise, or human resources to provide tangible evidence, but the most important is to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises and individuals continue to accumulate sediment provide a low cost, low risk of internal management " have both ability and political integrity, let people leave ", which is the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The products manufactured by the enterprises to the market, you must have the advantage, but the biggest advantage of business enterprise is the core competitiveness of enterprises, the highest form of market pricing in the market is the core competitiveness of similar goods ( commodity market pricing, we mean that the enterprise commodity price adjustment on the market similar products market price fluctuations play a copy of influence.

First of all, the core competitiveness of enterprises is the foundation of commodity market pricing power. Internal and external decision, only Lianhaoneigong, occupy a space for one person to commodities in the fierce competition in the market.

Secondly, continue to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is the inherent power of security market pricing power. The core competitiveness of enterprises is not put things right once and for all, only the continuous improvement of internal work, continuous improvement, to ensure that the core competitiveness is not degenerate, not weakened, and to consolidate the commodity market position, good energy for the commodity pricing power.

Again, the core competitiveness of enterprises to strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, can let the commodity market pricing is not always challenged. Only the core competitiveness of enterprises as the leading, the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprises, enterprises have the ability to withstand market risks, in order for the commodity pricing power escort!

Finally, the core competitiveness of enterprises to be matched with the commodity market pricing. The core competitiveness of enterprises to adjust and price fluctuations in commodity magnitude consistent, it will not make the core competitiveness is being undermined, overdraft, can be long-term, health, coordinated, sustainable development.

To sum up, in the modern market economy, commodity prices are around the commodity 's value fluctuates, intangible pricing system, and affected by supply and demand so, market pricing of goods, under normal circumstances, in which it is carried out the range of fluctuation of the core competitive force, the space is to find the corresponding position with its comprehensive strength in this range.

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